Welcome, Plateau Finance!

Dear OLIVE holders on Avalanche Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer a new Olive Garden Pool.

The Olive Garden Plateau Finance Pool:

Stake OLIVE tokens, to earn PLT tokens!

Total Tokens: 4,000,000 PLT

Distribution duration: 1,000,000 blocks, approx. 28 days

Start: October 22nd ~14:00 UTC

Token rewards per block: 4 PLT

Token address: 0xeCfE536a209e405Db19887830b366E397f5B917a

New Farm:

In order to host the PLT Olive Garden Pool, we will need to provide a PLT-AVAX farm that will have 1x OLIVE rewards for the first two days, then returns to 0.5x OLIVE rewards.

What is Plateau Finance?

Plateau Finance is a Smart Yield Optimizer Platform that allows users to stake LP-Tokens issued from the AMM’s in Plateau Vaults, which automatically harvest and re-stake their rewards as LP-Tokens for a compounding effect. Helping users obtain higher rewards, hassle-free.

  • Plateau Finance is a fork from Beefy Finance, with an enhanced user experience and expansive selection of Avalanche pools spanning the entire ecosystem.
  • Plateau users will have access to Liquid Boost Vaults, which were designed to boost liquidity to a designated pool in the AMM’s.

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 $PLT (All minted at time of launch)

Price: PLT= 0.001$

Market Cap: 1,000,000 $

Plateau Finance Social Media

Website: https://www.plateau.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/plateau_finance

Docs: https://plateau-finance.gitbook.io/plateau-finance/

Medium: https://plateau-finance.medium.com

How do you stake OLIVE to earn PLT rewards?

If you own OLIVE tokens, congratulations! You’re the master of Olive Garden. Time to become rich and start with learning how to stake OLIVE with Olive Garden Pool.

  • Visit this webpage: https://avax.olive.cash/
  • Click “Approve OLIVE” on the PLT Olive Garden Pool.
  • Click on the stake button.
  • Confirm the transaction!



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Olive Cash

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