Welcome Avaware

Dear OLIVE holders on Avalanche Chain, today we are super happy to be able to offer you a new Olive Garden Pool.

Avaware brings talented open source developers together to collaborate and bring fun, innovative projects to a device near you.

New Olive Garden Pool.

Stake OLIVE tokens, to earn AVE tokens.

Total Tokens: 10,000 AVE

Distribution duration: 400,000 blocks, approx. 20 days

Start: June 21st 12PM UTC

Token rewards per block: 0.025 AVE

New Farm:

In order to host the AVE Olive Garden Pool, we will need to provide a AVE-AVAX farms that will have 0.2x OLIVE rewards.


Token address: 0x78ea17559B3D2CF85a7F9C2C704eda119Db5E6dE

We’ve minted 2m $AVE coins into circulation, some of these were used to convert AVA holders over to $AVE and 150k were put into liquidity on the exchange. We plan on having a total supply of 10m which will be reached over a period of years with liquidity farming, yield bearing game items, community events, and potential private investment.

Liquidity — This will be used in combination with potential funds we raise through investors to grow our liquidity across the decentralized exchanges we reside on. So far we’ve put 150k on Pangolin.Exchange and are looking into other potential exchanges as well.

Avaware — These funds go towards growing and expanding our team, utilizing contractors, marketing our projects, and supporting our infrastructure.

Private Investors — We’ve allotted funds for potential private investors. These funds would allow us to expand our core team and grow unhindered. Funds could also be used to provide liquidity to our pool as needed.

Yield Farming — Avaware.Farm’s Pools will reward farmers in $AVE while providing a great return on their investment. Avaware’s projects and ambition will make sure $AVE retains value and grows over time.

Game Distribution — A unique feature of our game is you will be able to purchase and trade yield bearing NFTs which generate $AVE. Build your empire while growing your investment!

Avaware Social Media

Medium: https://avaware.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvawareAVE

Telegram: https://t.me/avavaware

Discord: https://discord.gg/zytVWV8Pth

How do you stake OLIVE to earn AVE rewards?

If you own OLIVE tokens, congratulations! You’re the master of Olive Garden. Time to become rich and start with learning how to stake OLIVE with Olive Garden Pool.

  • Visit this webpage: https://avax.olive.cash/pools
  • Click “Approve OLIVE” on the AVE Olive Garden Pool.
  • Click on the stake button.
  • Confirm the transaction!




🫒AVAX and BSC yield farming 🫒Honest launch 🫒Open-sourced 🫒Timelock 🫒No pre-sale

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Olive Cash

Olive Cash

🫒AVAX and BSC yield farming 🫒Honest launch 🫒Open-sourced 🫒Timelock 🫒No pre-sale

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