Crypto Monkey Empire forever!

The Olive Garden MKC Pool:

Boosted Farm:

What makes Crypto Monkey Empire a very unique game?

Crossplayable between mobile and Desktop!

Discover a new way to interact with digital assets


Crypto Monkey Empire Social Media

How do you stake OLIVE to earn MKC rewards?

  • Visit this webpage:
  • Click “Approve OLIVE” on the MKC Olive Garden Pool.
  • Click on the stake button.
  • Confirm the transaction!




🫒AVAX and BSC yield farming 🫒Honest launch 🫒Open-sourced 🫒Timelock 🫒No pre-sale

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Olive Cash

Olive Cash

🫒AVAX and BSC yield farming 🫒Honest launch 🫒Open-sourced 🫒Timelock 🫒No pre-sale

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