Big Fire Show on Avalanche chain

Olive Cash
2 min readJun 6, 2021


Two months ago we launched DEX at Avalanche chain.
And today we happy to announce that we are ready to present the Olive Fire Show feature.

Swap fees.

All the fees collected from any swap at OliveCash are used to buy back Olives token and burn. To show our users the power of Olive Fire Show we launch the firing process.

Here are the full track of the Olive Fire Show:

1) LP transfer and unpacking:

2) Swap tokens:

Burner balance before buyback

3) Buyback Olives:

4) Olive tokens burn:

35,393.671 Olives were burned

Olive auto-watering pool fees

Don’t forget about Olive auto-watering pool!

The auto-compound pool was successfully launched a few days ago (Article). That pool collects performance fee (5%) and unstaking fee (3%) to the special smart contract. Today we redirected fees to Olive Fire Show smart contract.

And burn all Olives from old smart contract:


Here you can track a wallet where we collect fees to buyback and burn — Tracker.

Stay tuned to see how Olives are burning!



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